Wine Club

The Everything Matters Society…more than just a wine club.

Here at Auburn Road, “everything matters” is kind of our motto.  It’s on our t-shirts, our website, our bottles…pretty much all over the place.   People ask us all the time to tell them what it means.  Well, it is really pretty simple – everything we do, think, dream, and imagine impacts the world around us.  We can’t control it.  It just does.  But what we can control is what kind of impact we have.   If we do, think, dream, imagine things that are positive – the impact on the world around us cannot help but be positive.  That idea is what got us here and has kept us going.

Over the years, we have met some extraordinary people who have helped support our business and have become our friends.   It is for these people that we first formed our “wine club”.  The first mission of our “wine club” is to give back to those terrific people who have supported us.

Then as we got to know these people better over the years and as our circle of friends has grown wider, we began to realize that what this group has in common is that they share with us the understanding of that simple truth we summarize as “everything matters”.   And we realized further that there is great energy to be found in a group of people who both like to hang out together and understand the impact they can have on the world around them.  It is for this reason that this group of friends and supporters is no longer just a “wine club” but is now “The Everything Matters Wine Society.”

So now that our wine club has reinvented itself as “The Everything Matters Wine Society”, what does that mean?  It means we drink wine together, celebrate new vintages together, and take some time to enjoy life together.  It also means we can find ways to positively impact our world together.  How?  Well that is for “The Everything Matters Wine Society ” to decide.  But we have some ideas……

First, let’s talk about how Auburn Road is pleased to give back to you for all of your support and friendship:

o 5% off 6 bottle purchases
o 10% off case purchases
o 10% off all merchandise
o Complimentary Wine Tastings in the Enoteca
o Exclusive opportunities to purchase pre-released and library wines
50% off Winemaker’s Tour for member and 3 guests
o standing invitations to new, regularly scheduled Wine Society Events every Fifth Wednesday of the Month:

– Fifth Wednesday Events will include:
o Pre-release tastings of new wines and barrel tastings
o Opportunity for Wine Futures purchases
o 15% off all purchases

– You will also get priority invitations to other all other Events and activities, including:
o Our Second Annual Black Friday Morning Holiday Event that includes breakfast, Sole mimosas, fried turkey, holiday decorating and 15% off all purchases,
o Special events at Auburn Road Vineyards such as our Dine in the Vines dinners, and
o Two Bridges Wine Trail events such as the Trolley Trail.

And next, let’s talk about what we can do together:

•    We will select a charity for “Give Peach a Chance”:   Every year, Auburn Road and “The Everything Matters Wine Society” will donate $0.25 from the proceeds of every bottle of Give Peach a Chance sold.  The recipient charitable organization will be selected by “The Everything Matters Wine Society” from a list of nominations made by our  Members.
•    We will promote the favorite charities of our Members:  Those charities not selected by Members in a given year for the “Give Peach a Chance” donation will all be listed on our social media with their contact information as a way to promote them to visitors to our social media and one will be featured weekly in the “Everything Matters Wine Society” section of our weekly blast email, on our Facebook page and in our Twitter communications for the week.
•    We will support The Walt Whitman Association:  Every year, Auburn Road and “The Everything Matters Wine Society” will donate $0.25 from the proceeds of every bottle of Eidolon sold.  The proceeds will go to The Walt Whitman Association  – the great organization that promotes the Good Grey Poet’s legacy including maintaining his house and museum in Camden and promoting poetry contests for local students.
•    We will represent Auburn Road and “The Everything Matters Wine Society” at functions and events as our ambassadors!
•    And your voice counts!  If you have ideas, we want to hear about them!!

How to Join “The Everything Matters Wine Society”:

o Purchase ONE case at a 10% discount, or

o Attend a Tour with the Winemakers and purchase a minimum of 6 bottles at a special 10% discount, or

o Complete all 4 “The Art of Wine” Classes which take place every Wednesday Night from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Enoteca!

Membership automatically renews annually so long as you have purchased a minimum of one case per every 12 month period!


We are officially launching the Auburn Road CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  This program features four annual pick-ups (or deliveries to your door) at great discounts plus the ability to add as much wine as you want to that pick-up at that same discounted rate!  We are accepting only 50 Members on a first come, first served basis!  We introduced our new CSA initially at the Event this past Wednesday and we wanted to make sure to get the word out to all of our Wine Society members before offering it to the public.

Click this link for all the details: Auburn Road CSA offering sheet  

Click this link to see the sign-up sheet: Auburn Road CSA sign up sheet

To join, call the wine line at 856-769-WINE or send an email to and attach a PDF of your sign-up sheet.  Spots are beginning to fill up quickly so if you are interested, please reach out to us soon!

Once all 50 spots are filled, your name will be placed on our waiting list until a spot opens up.