Jules and I do yoga together almost every day. It’s funny, for two people who live and work together, we see remarkably little of each other. And that, of course, was one of the big reasons that we did this in the first place – to do it together. So, like most other working couples, we have to work hard to make time for each other.

People had been trying to get me to do yoga for years. Clearly they have thought that I would benefit from it. But I resisted – vehemently. First, I considered myself to already be calm and laid back – a

vision of myself that I have come to understand most people find to be comical – so I didn’t think I needed it. The next argument they would make was that it helps you relax and work through the impurities in your body. But I didn’t want to get rid of my impurities! If anything, I identified with them! In fact, I felt that, without them, I would cease to exist – they were all that was holding me together! Then there was always the old argument that it would help the mind become quiet and still. That’s all fine, but I felt like my busy, churning, hyperactive mind crashing through problem after problem was my superpower, so why would I want to stop that?

But then I turned 50. It became clear that my impurities, whatever those actually are, were not enough to hold me together anymore. Things started to hurt and not work so well. I started to feel, well…old. My mind had become an absolute chatterbox – it would not…shut…up….ever. And the noise was starting to get in the way of its otherwise useful operation. And, it turns out – surprisingly – that I am not as laid back as I thought I was. So we gave yoga a try.

We have been remarkably constant with it and have been able to keep it up for over a year now. We do it at home, in our living room – just push the furniture aside and plug the iPhone into the TV and play one of a collection of free yoga videos on YouTube. It is nothing fancy and nothing terribly complicated. We feel so much better and we really look forward to that time together every day. And, finally, after a year of home yoga, we just did an in-person yoga class for the first time! It was just the other day, in fact, with a local yogi named Teja Shanti Kaur. And she has a really cool gong.

You can now officially count Jules and me among the converted. Yoga is cool. And like all converts, we want to share what we have found. So we are going to be teaming up with Marghi from Pink Lotus Yoga Studio, Teja Shanti Kaur (and her gong) and some other new friends to make January Health and Wellness Month at Auburn Road. Stay tuned for the e-blast, check out our website and social media, and make sure to join us all month long. Namaste…..

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