What is a CSA?

Traditionally, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program serves to create a community that celebrates local, sustainable, small-parcel agriculture and directly connects the farmer (which is also, in this case, a winemaker) with that community.

What is the Auburn Road Wine CSA?

Four times a year – February, May, August and November – our Winemaker, Jules, pre-selects a special collection of our wines and we offer to ship those wines directly to the members of our Wine Club. Wine Club Members are invited to select one of two “shares” in our CSA for that month:

Half Share : 10% off 3 pre-selected wines

Full Share : 10% off 6 pre-selected wines & FREE SHIPPING


How do I participate in the CSA?

  • Four times a year, members of the Auburn Road Wine Club will be notified via email that the new CSA has been posted on the On-Line store along with the details of what is included in that CSA. If you are not already a member of the Auburn Road Wine Club and would like to join, click the button above
  • Purchase on-line! Each CSA notice email will come with a link to allow you to purchase your CSA Share directly through our On-Line store! Your CSA share will then be shipped right to you.
  • There are no other requirements and no long term commitment. Each time we offer a CSA, the choice is yours whether or not to participate in that offering.

What does the CSA include?

  • Wines selected by our Winemaker, Jules, to match the season as well wines from her personal library, pre-release wines and even special CSA only wines!
  • Tasting notes and a letter from the Winemakers
  • Recipes to match the wines
  • Other special coupons from Auburn Road and our outlet partners

What if I want more?

Become a CSA Sustaining Member!!

  • Benefits include:
  • 25% discount on all CSA offerings and cases purchases at The Enoteca any time – all year long!
  • Invitations to Wine CSA Pick-Up Parties four times a year
  • Invitations to exclusive tours with the Winemakers
  • Invitations to special events, dinners, harvest parties
  • Special notes from the winemakers

For more details on how to become a CSA Sustaining Member, click HERE