Winter is coming.  Better yet, it is the Winter of 2020 that’s coming.  Just say that out loud.

Like most ordinary winters, it is already getting dark early.  It’s starting to get chilly.  And chilly is gonna become downright cold before too long.  But as a special bonus, it looks like the “second wave” is starting to swell and threatening to crash.  We are gonna want to go out but we gotta stay safe.   It looks like there is not going to be a lot of space indoors to stay warm unless it is your own living room.  Not that there is anything wrong with that…but be honest – that was bad enough in the spring.  Doing that in the winter – especially this winter – sounds a little bleak…

But we’ve got an idea for the antidote.  The cure.  The balm.  The salve.   We’re gonna make everything better.

We’re gonna  Après-Ski, baby.  All winter long.

“What?” you ask.

Après-Ski, baby!

Still not there?

Cool.  Definition, please.

Après-Ski” is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing.”  (Après means “after” in French).  A tradition started in the Alpine ski resorts of France, Germany, Austria, and Italy…

“But you got no mountains,” you say.

Details.  Bring your cross country skis.

“And it never snows.”

Details.  Maybe it will.

“And it will be cold.  Really cold.”

Yeah, baby.  Bring it on.   It has gotta be cold for Après-Ski!

“You’re an idiot.”

Maybe.  But have some imagination.  Besides, everybody knows Après-Ski is the best part of skiing anyway.  Plenty of people go to the slopes just for the Après-Ski only.  Think of it…the world’s flattest, hippest, Après-Ski experience.  And you don’t have to risk contamination by leaving the area.  And Europe still won’t let us in any way.

Let your mind go there for a minute.  You’ve got your cool ski jacket on, ski pants, and faux fur boots to keep your feet warm.  Cool shades to protect your eyes from the bright warm sun as it hits your face.   Maybe you’re wrapped in a blanket with your someone (or maybe you have a vacant spot inside your blanket you are willing to share).   You cozy up to one of the fire pits that dot the landscape.  A glass of red wine in your hand.  Or maybe a steaming hot chocolate with port wine and whipped cream.  The cold air tingles your face and feels kinda good.  Cool, vibe-y music surrounds you and you can’t help but sway with the groove a little.

The sun eventually sets in splashes of pink and orange.   Then night gently falls.  The ten fire pits that surround you make you feel like a guest at a viking wedding.   The movie screen behind you flickers to life and as the glow radiates, a DJ spins or a player plays a live score behind it.  That is you, baby.  That is you forgetting the outside world for a while.  It is gonna get us through the winter, I promise.   And it will help get us through whatever else might be coming…

“The “second wave” crashes into the east coast and more schools and businesses close or go remote?”

Let’s Après-Ski, baby…

“No vaccine til at least spring?”

Let’s Après-Ski, baby…

“The three months between Election Day and Inauguration Day – no matter who wins?”

Let’s Après-Ski, baby…

“It’s gonna be COLD!”

Sure, winter’s gonna be cold.  Let’s make it cool.

 Let’s Après-Ski, baby…


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