Our sweet red wine made from juicy Concord grapes. Best served chilled. Remember sitting under your grandfather’s grape arbor … ?


  • Blessington is made from Concord grapes. Concord is a variety of the North
    American grape species Vitis labrusca.
  • As a native grape to this area, it produces large crops and is plentiful for juice
    and wine production.


    • Concord grapes make fruity red wines bursting with grape aromas and flavors.
    • Although a red wine, the juice is fermented more like a white wine in SS tanks at
      cold temperatures below 60 degrees. It does not go into barrel. It does not go
      through malolactic fermentation.
    • The wine should be served slightly chilled to 60 degrees.
    • It has 5.5% residual sugar and about 12% alcohol.


  • The name Blessington comes from the name of the original farm located near
    what is now Sharptown, New Jersey. Sharptown is where Cowtown Rodeo is
  • The name is in honor of our neighbors…the cowboys, ranchers, farmers and
    Native Americans who called this land home and continue to honor it and make a
    living from it.
  • Carolyn Mortimer, a local artist and teacher, created the painting used for this
    label. It hangs in the Enoteca. In addition to being an amazing artist with many
    works on display in the Enoteca, she is a resident of Sharptown.