Deep, dark, dry blend of Merlot, Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot aged 30 months in oak barrels and another 6-12 months in the bottle. Taking its name from a Walt Whitman poem, 25 cents from every bottle sold goes to support the Walt Whitman Association in Camden, New Jersey. Also our “Coeur d’Est” blend – a collaborative creation by wineries in the Outer Coastal Plain.


  • Eidolón (pronounced “eye-DOLE-on”) is a red wine blend of the vinifera grapes
    Merlot (45%), Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot (5% each) and the hybrid
    grape Chambourcin (45%).
  • Merlot grapes grow well in our soil type of sand and clay which is very similar to
    the soils of its original home on the right bank of the Gironde River in the
    Bordeaux region of France. Since Merlot ripens mid-September it consistently
    does well in our climate. The grapes produce intense cherry flavors in the wine
    and velvet phenolics (mouthfeel).
  • Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon are both red wine grapes used in classic
    Bordeaux blends. Petit Verdot ripens more reliably in the New World adding
    tannin, color, and flavor, in small amounts, to this blend. Cabernet Sauvignon a
    smooth wine creating cohesiveness.
  • Chambourcin is cold hardy and extremely disease resistant. It reaches high
    sugar levels every year and has intense forest berry flavors (think black fruits –
    blackberry, black currant, plum, black fig). As a result, it is a favorite on the East
    Coast. The resulting wine is purple in color and acidic in taste.
  • All grapes are grown at our Auburn Road and Woodfield vineyard locations.


    • The grapes are fermented in small 1 ton bins. When fermentation is done, the
      Chambourcin grapes stay in the bins for another 2-3 weeks. Called an extended maceration – this technique is used to extract phenolic compounds from the
      grapes – creating more structure, mouth-feel, and palate length.
    • All the different grapes are pressed and the wine is moved to barrel to age for 30
      months. Some of the wine is aged in new American oak barrels. The new oak
      barrels will also add more tannin to the young Chambourcin wine.
    • The wines are kept separate by variety for almost two years then evaluated and
      blended together.
    • After blending, the wine is evaluated again and may go through a fining process
      to integrate the harsher tannins obtained in the winemaking process. “Fining”
      means to clarify wine or remove something from the wine. We use a traditional
      fining agent of natural egg whites, a technique discovered by French
      winemakers. We will put actual farm fresh egg whites into the barrels and stir the
    • The goal is to integrate the tannins and soften the acidity in the wine.
    • The wine is bottled and further aged in bottle another 6-12 months before it is
    • The resulting wine is deep in color and complex in flavor. The front begins with
      bright acidity, the mid-palate bursts with blackberry and currant and the finish is
      smooth and velvety from the vinifera grapes with vanilla undertones from the
      American oak barrels.
    • When serving this wine, aeration is suggested to open the flavors contained in
      this wine. Decanting into another vessel, splashing, and using commercial
      aerators all help open the wine. It should be served at room temperature of 65-
      70 degrees.
    • Enjoy this wine with steak and beef dishes, lamb, veal, rich pasta dishes, and
      spicy foods.
    • It is about 13.5-14% alcohol.


  • “Eidólon” (pronounced “eye-DOLE-on”) is the title of a poem from Walt Whitman’s
    “Leaves of Grass”. In the poem he explains that what we experience in the world
    are essentially images or “ediólons” of our own creation. We can create the
    image, we can change it. Positive thought projects positive images, negative
    thought projects negatives … Everything matters!
  • This wine is our creation of the ideal wine as interpreted through the soils and
    climate of the Garden State’s Outer Coastal Plain using grape varieties that are
    ideal for this region.

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