“Everything Matters.” This has been our motto here at Auburn Road almost from day one. It started
innocently enough. Our very first t-shirt was created to celebrate the release of the first vintage of
Good Karma back in 2006. The back says “Good Karma at Auburn Road Vineyards” but we needed
something for the front. After I thought about it a moment or two, it just popped out. What is karma
after all? It is the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Third Law of Motion – for every action there is an
equal and opposite reaction. Everything you do has a consequence and therefore matters.

The more we have thought about it over the years, we have continued to find subtle layers of meaning
in it. There is a theory, for example, that says the world around us is really just a projection of our
minds. The implication is that if the world is, in fact, how you perceive it, then it is entirely within you to
change it, hopefully for the better. And it therefore follows that everything – your every thought, every
movement, every action – impacts your perception, and thus reality, and therefore, matters. Walt
Whitman wrote about the same idea in his poem “Eidólon” – hence the name of the wine (…I’m betting
you are sensing a theme here…). And don’t even get me started on quantum physics…

So we have been making, wearing and selling t-shirts with “Everything Matters” across the chest for
over 15 years. And the phrase has worked its way into just about everything we do. But you would be
amazed at the reaction we get sometimes. I have been confronted on numerous occasions by
supporters of the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements – at separate times of course.
They would argue that to say “Everything Matters” somehow diminishes the seriousness of the points
they are each trying to make. I always try to explain that it is not at all a political statement but rather a
metaphysical one. And, if that argument isn’t well received, which it rarely is, I fall back on the fact that
this motto and the t-shirt which was its origin date back to 2006. That is well before either Black Lives
Matter or Blue Lives Matter came into our collective consciousness as something to fight about…rather
than both being self-evidently true. That usually fails as well. That’s when I will whip out some quantum
physics – the fascinating philosophical implications of consciousness and its impact on the physical world
– and then they usually back away slowly. That almost always works.

All in all, I think folks generally get what we are trying to say. I think as human beings we want to
believe that we have even some small amount of control over our lives and the world around us. My
experience is that we genuinely do and that it is important to keep reminding ourselves of that. And
that fact that literally thousands of people have gone around in public wearing that message on their
chests is something we are really proud of.

Then there was this one afternoon… a gentleman walked into the Enoteca. I was behind the bar. He
noticed my shirt and what it said and smiled a soft, knowing, almost sad smile and said, “I’m a Zen
Buddhist and, you know, actually, nothing matters…”

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