Round, voluptuous and elegant red wine blend.  Giulia is a window into the winemaker’s mind.  It is a predominantly Merlot blend heavy with cherry and chocolate flavors.  Oak aged.


  • The inaugural vintage of Giulia was made from a blend of Merlot (71%), Cabernet Franc (13%), and Petit Verdot (6%) vinifera grapes.  The predominant grape is Merlot.
  • Merlot grapes are sourced from the ARV and Woodfield vineyards.


  • The predominant grape Merlot produces the cherry and chocolate flavors in this wine.  The blend is designed to highlight the best of our Merlot vineyards and will evolve each year.
  • The 2016 Merlot in this blend came from Woodfield Vineyard and started its aging process in Hungarian oak puncheons (500L barrels). The aging process is slower in these large castes and produces smooth and velvety tannins in the wine.
  • While the blend of grapes will evolve each year, the winemakers will continue to use experimental techniques on the grapes and the wine for this blend using all the tools in the tool box, to make the best wine for that vintage.
  • Aging occurs in oak barrels for at least 18 months.
  • It should be served at room temperature of 65-70 degrees.
  • It is about 13% alcohol.


  • Giulia Latin version of Julia.  Named after the winemaker.
  • Secondly a cool style of Alfa Romeo.


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