Give Peach a Chance

Imagine … fresh … juicy … ripe … peaches. A blend of sweet Jersey peaches and crisp white wine. Plus, 25 cents from every bottle sold will help support a charity selected annually by our Everything Matters Wine Society.


  • GPAC is created from a blend of peaches and the hybrid grape Cayuga White.
  • The fresh peaches are pitted and pressed into a juice by our juicing company.
  • The Cayuga White grape is a hybrid developed at Cornell University from the
    Schuyler and Seyval Blanc grapes. It has good acid balance, structure, and
    pleasant fruity aromas.
  • The Cayuga White grapes are grown by Bellview Winery and the Peach is locally


    • We cold ferment the peach juice and Cayuga White juice separately in SS tanks
      and when fermentation is complete, blend them together. The wine stays in SS to
    • The Cayuga White wine is added to increase the acidity of the wine and imitate
      biting into a farm fresh juicy peach.
    • Served chilled at 55-60 degrees. Also makes great Sangria.
    • It has 5.5% residual sugar and 12-12.5% alcohol.


  • Musical reference is to John Lennon’s song Give Peace a Chance.
  • Given the salute to Lennon’s song, this wine is an ambassador for ARV and our
    case club, the “Everything Matters” Wine Society. $0.25 per bottle will be
    donated to a charity chosen by our Wine Society. This wine will hopefully spread
    a little peace with the charitable contributions it makes each year.

Visit our outlet partner, Haddon Culinary, and try pairing Give Peach A Chance with their dish, the Haddon Sunrise!