Peaceful Warrior

Lively red wine with bright, pleasant acidity, lovely purple color and intense forest berry
flavors. Aged for 24 months in new American oak barrels.


  • Our varietal named wine – Chambourcin – is actually a red wine blend of the
    hybrid grape Chambourcin (85%) and the vinifera grape Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chambourcin is a hybrid grape that is cold hardy and extremely disease
    resistant. It reaches high sugar levels and has intense forest berry flavors. As a
    result, it is a favorite on the East Coast. The resulting wine is purple in color and
    acidic in taste. What is does lack is a strong tannin structure which is the
    astringency component in a red wine. Several techniques are used in the winery
    to improve the tannins and reduce the acid.
  • All grapes are grown at our Auburn Road and Woodfield vineyards locations.


  • Most of our Chambourcin grapes are put into our red wine blend named Eidolon.
    When there is an abundance of grapes, we will make this varietal Chambourcin
  • The grapes are fermented in small 1 ton bins. When fermentation is done, the
    Chambourcin grapes stay in the bins for another 2-3 weeks. Called an extended
    maceration – this technique is used to extract phenolic compounds from the
    grapes – creating more structure, mouth-feel and palate length.
  • The grapes are pressed and the wine is moved to barrel to age for 24 months.
    Most of the wine is aged in new American oak barrels. The new oak barrels also
    will add more tannins to the young Chambourcin wine.
  • After aging almost 2 years, the Chambourcin wine is evaluated and at this point
    the wine going to Eidolon is blended. The remaining Chambourcin is destined for
    the varietal named wine and a small amount of vinifera is blended in to add
    tannin structure.
  • The resulting wine is bright, acidic and food friendly.
  • Serve this wine at room temperature of 65-70 degrees.
  • Enjoy with stewed meat dishes, gourmet hamburgers, and pizza.
  • It is about 12.5-14.0% alcohol.


  • Chambourcin is the name of the grape. In order to call a wine by the grape’s
    name, it has to contain 85% of that grape.

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