Petit Verdot

Our single varietal wine from the Petit Verdot grape. Aromas of black fruit ranging from plum, blackberry, blueberry and slightly lighter black cherry. On the palate the wine is dry and full-bodied with high tannin, bold fruit and medium-plus acidity

The Story


Petit Verdot is a red European grape (vitis vinifera) that was traditionally reserved as a minor blending grape in classic Bordeaux blends.

However, as the grape has spread to warmer climates, it ripens more reliably especially in the New World.  In concert, New World winemakers have realized that Petit Verdot can make intensely bold, fruity-yet-floral, red wines that can and do easily stand on their own.


The fruit is fermented in small 1 ton bins and aged in oak barrels.  This wine is then blended carefully in the winery to enhance fruit and soften tannins.  Volume One is a blend of wine from several vintages (2014, 2015 and 2016) aging for 24-48 months in barrel.

Strong tones of violet and leather develop as the wine matures.

Cellar worthy for many years in the bottle.

Petit Verdot is a wine high in tannins and structure and is a natural fit for rich, meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, all types of game and sausage. Spicy foods pair well with Petit Verdot and it’s perfect for a myriad of different hard and semi soft cheeses.

It should be served at room temperature of 65-70 degrees.  It is about 12.5-13.5% alcohol.

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