Pinot Grigio

Crisp white wine with fruit and floral aromas. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve the natural expression of the fruit. Pair with seafood.


  • Pinot grigio is a European grape (vitis vinifera) and is a mutation of the red wine
    grape Pinot Noir. The grapes can be grey, red or even black. Grigio means grey
    in Italian. Grown also in France where it is called Pinot gris. The French style
    may be aged in oak.
  • Pinot grigio grapes are grown at Auburn Road and Woodfield vineyards. They
    are combined into one product.


  • Our style is more like an Italian wine – fermented and aged in stainless steel
    tanks for a crisp wine with floral aromas.
  • Cold fermented – tanks are temperature controlled to 55 degrees – which
    preserves the floral and fruity aromas.
  • PG pairs well with light fish dishes, shell fish and even sushi. It should be served
    chilled to 55-60 degrees. It has about 12.5% alcohol.


    • Pinot grigio is the name of the grape. Pinot means pinecone. Grigio is grey.
    • The grape cluster is very tight with grape touching grape. It looks very much like a pinecone in shape.

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