Bright, pleasantly sweet blush that jumps a little lighter! Perfect for a bonfire on the beach or a BBQ somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. The only lover you’re ever gonna need….

The Story

Rosalita is a pink wine created from the juices of red grapes.  Grapes found in Rosalita vary year to year.

Some of the juice in Rosalita is from “bleeds” of red grapes and some juice comes from pressing red grapes into a juice.
The juices are cold fermented in stainless steel tanks just like our white wines. Rosalita is a sweeter rosé, called a blush. Residual sugar remains in the finished wine. Served chilled. Great wine to drink with sweeter foods such as barbeque ribs or chicken.
It has 3.25% residual sugar and 12.5-13% alcohol.

Musical reference here again, named for Bruce Springsteen’s song of the same name.

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