Wine Bar Tastings

Tastings of Auburn Road’s great award-winning wines are only $10 to taste up to 8 wines! Enjoy tastings at our wine bar in the Enoteca everyday until 4:30pm!

To reserve a table for after your tasting…visit us at OpenTable!


1892 Chocolate & Wine Tastings

Enjoy a self-guided wine and chocolate tasting at the wine bar or at the comfort of your table.  This tasting includes five of Auburn Road’s wines perfectly paired with five gourmet, dark chocolates courtesy of 1892 Chocolate!  All of this for just $15!


Join Us For An Afternoon With The Winemakers!

On the first Saturday of every month, Winemakers and Owners Jules and Scott take over the weekly tour for what we have been told is one of the best and most intimate wine experiences on the East Coast, America, and maybe the World!

“Over the course of two hours, we will tell our story, share our insights and offer you a window into the world of wine in a way that only people who learned it from the bottom up (that is, the hard way) can!   We will sample every available wine on our list (and then some…) as we stroll through our Vineyard, Winery, Barrel Room and, ultimately, The Enoteca. We keep the groups small so we can actually have a conversation – so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.  It is one of our favorite things we do. Please join us -we look forward to meeting you!     

See you soon!


The details:

  • First Saturday of Every Month  
  • $45 per person.  
  • Noon to 2 pm.
  • Maximum of only twelve people per tour!
  • RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! To make a reservation, click HERE!

Weekly Vineyard and Winery Tour!

Join us for a guided tour of Auburn Road with a wine glass in your hand!
Jules, our winemaker, selects a wine to pair with each location as one of our in-house wine experts leads you on the path of the grape as it becomes wine!

  • The Vineyard:  Learn how tending and harvesting the grapes by hand and our insane attention to detail make all the difference as you taste a wine among the grapes. 
  • The Winery:   See Jules’ laboratory, hear the story of her journey from lawyer and mom to world-class winemaker, try a specially selected wine and toast the tanks as new wines ferment and age around you.
  • The Barrel Room:  Candles are lit and lights are dimmed as you visit the quiet sanctuary of the Barrel Room and sample a barrel aged wine.
  • The Enoteca:  We end our tour with a little more wine and a few more stories and then we set you free to experience The Enoteca, our European-style wine bar, itself a warm and intimate work of art, surrounded by our beautiful Courtyard and the vines themselves. 

The details:

  • Tours are held on Saturdays at noon (except for the first Saturdays of the Month)
  • $20.00 per person
  • 30-45 minutes long.
  • Walk-ins Welcome!
  • Reservations recommended but not required.  To make a reservation, click HERE!