Try this story with a glass of our Peaceful Warrior red blend…

We have already established in earlier stories that we like to give the wines stupid names and that I am chairman of the Stupid Name Department here at Auburn Road.  So when it came time to release a new wine, we went back to the drawing board yet again. 

But first, a word about the wine.  This wine was going to have big shoes to fill.  It is a very drinkable, affordable, relaxing red blend.  Very much in the tradition of old Auburn Road favorites like Rustica, Battleship Red, American Red, and Chambourcin.  For those of you who remember some or all of these fondly and are sitting there bamboozled as to why we discontinued such delicious and popular products, that is a series of long stories for another time – suffice it to say that each time, the grapes spoke to us and asked to go in different directions, evolving into new favorites like Gaia and Eidolon.  But, each time, we find our way back with a new and, hopefully, improved riff on that same theme.  It is kind of like this wine is the Doctor Who of Auburn Road wines…different look, slightly different feel, but basically the same Doctor.  And Peaceful Warrior may be the best version so far…and that is saying something.   And I think we can expect this one to stay around a while.

So we needed a new stupid name.   As we discussed in a previous Wine Story, Jules and I have, in the past year, really gotten into yoga.  Yeah, of course, we have.  I guess it is to be expected of aging, new age, neo-hippies (insert your own eye-roll here…trust me, I’m self-aware enough to be rolling mine too…).  But as that is where my brain presently is, that is where I went looking for the next stupid name.   And that is where I found it. 

In yoga,
Peaceful Warrior is the name of a pose and is a basic variation of the series
of “warrior” poses and provides a strong stretch of the side body in addition
to a range of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. But what really
attracted me was the fact that it is, essentially, an oxymoron.  And can be understood from a number of
different perspectives.  Taken passively,
it can be understood as a “warrior at peace.” 
That is kind of cool – a warrior that has lain down their arms and,
ergo, is no longer a warrior – thus the oxymoron.   Or, more actively, you can read it as a
“warrior for peace” or a “warrior of peace” – still somewhat of an oxymoron in
that you are fighting for peace.  Either
way, it spoke to us.  We have always been
of the opinion that if you can put a good, subtle message and energy out into
the world, why not do it?

And, if you
look closely at the label on the bottle, you will find glimpses of the artwork
of all the other labels – and thus the spirit and essence of the wine each
represents – incorporated within the confines of the Peaceful Warrior’s
body.   And there may be a metaphor in
that, I’m not sure…

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