Vintage Ruby

Delicious Ruby Port style wine made from our Chambourcin grapes and brandy distilled from our own Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Aged in American oak barrels until perfection is reached.


  • This port style wine is made from Chambourcin grapes. 
  • The grapes are picked later in the season at high sugar levels.


    • The grapes are crushed and destemmed into one ton bins and yeast is added to the macerated fruit.
    • Fermentation is slow and steady taking 2-3 weeks.  However, the wine does not go through a complete fermentation.  Instead fermentation is stopped when the ideal sugar level is reached,
    • This process first involves pressing the grapes and pumping the young wine into older American oak barrels.  Next brandy is added to kill any remaining yeast. This addition is two-fold: stop the yeast from eating the remaining sugar leaving some residual sugar in the wine and increase the alcohol level to stabilize the wine for long term aging.
    • The brandy used is distilled locally and made from our wine.
    • We add the brandy evenly and slowly to the barrels as they age, topping the head space so the yeasts “go to sleep” calmly.  
    • Most port and port style wine use about 30% brandy to reach 18-20 ABV (alcohol by volume).
    • We call this a ruby port style wine since it is aged for only 2 years and is therefore brighter in color and fruitier in flavor.
    • Serve with desserts or chocolate at room temperature or slightly chilled.  It can be served straight up or on the rocks. It also works well in cocktails and in cooking as a wine reduction.
    • It has 8% residual sugar and 19% alcohol.


  • Named for the style of ruby port wine.